How Can Children Benefit From Having A Backyard Poultry?

November 5th, 2010

One of the benefits children can get from having a backyard poultry is that they can learn to become self sufficient.  Once they know they can choose between buying food from the supermarket and producing or raising their own food, they will realize that things are not that easy to get after all.  As more people join the urban farming movement, backyard poultry has become more popular.backyard poultry

It doesn’t need much space. Just set aside a little corner of your yard for your backyard poultry and you can star raising your own chickens.  Children will experience how hens lay their eggs and that they can be hatched into chicks.  Aside from this they can enjoy harvesting or collecting eggs and cooking them for breakfast or as ingredients for other recipes.

Children must be taught how to care for the backyard poultry, how to clean the surroundings,  feed and give water to chickens.  They will learn the basics of raising chickens so that they will become healthy.  The responsibility of caring for the chickens in the backyard poultry will more or less help make them more responsible and aware of the hard work farmers put into producing the food we eat.

Raising the chickens themselves, children will know that they can produce their own food at home and not just buy them at supermarkets.  You can even have a backyard garden to go with the backyard poultry.

A backyard poultry is truly beneficial to children.  It can open their eyes to the fact that through hard work and loving care, they can raise chickens on their own.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Chook House

November 5th, 2010

To keep your chook house  as productive as possible, follow the tips mentioned below.  They are easy to follow and you can be sure that your chook house will be disease free.  To make chickens healthy they need care just like most animals and people.

Here are the tips on how to maintain your chook house.  Please read and follow carefully.

The first thing to do is to provide the chickens with food and water.  The hen house should have plenty of water and food.  The quality of their eggs will be affected if they don’t get enough food and water.

Buying cheap chicken feed is our first inclination but the price difference is really not that much as compared to what a more expensive feed can give your chickens.  Nutrition is very important in the proper development of your chickens.  Chickens are not much different with humans in terms of their nutritional needs.

You also have to make sure that water containers and feeders are rightly positioned and clean.  These are basic stuff but important nonetheless.  Clean the area and the food and water containers regularly.  Use plenty of water to rinse and clean with soap and bleach.

You should inspect your chook house regularly.  Don’t let any predators harm your chickens so make it safe always.

Why Have A Chook House In Your Own Backyard

May 7th, 2010

chook_houseSo you have finally made up your mind on raising your own chickens, get started as soon as possible. But why are you hesitant to get started with your plan? Skim on these three known advantages of having a chook house in your your backyard today:

An assurance of regular fresh eggs and eventually fresh chicken meat.

If you start raising your homegrown chickens whether with or without a chook house, you have an assurance that you will have a resource for fresh chicken and eggs. Imagine saving yourself from grocery supplies and budgeting woes. As you raise chickens from your backyard, you will have fresh chicken and eggs every time. Picture this advantage in exchange for their measly upkeep!

Your family would sure be happy to be having a constant supply of fresh eggs and chicken meat. You are definitely guaranteed this long term advantage when you know how to raise chickens at home with your own chook house.

Chickens will work towards a pests-free backyard in exchange for their upkeep.

Chickens are pretty much popular for eating organic stuff like wriggly worms, bugs, beetles and other harmful elements. You can see chickens busying themselves pecking on grass and weeds as they chance upon on your garden lawn.

When speaking of backyard lawn maintenance, chickens can do the job for you. Free yourself from worrying on spending much on high priced pest control or weed removal. If  you keep chickens inside a chook house, you can still let them out once a while to control your garden pests.

Chickens are very good on their own.

Chickens for all we know are not very high maintenance pets that need petting, walking or following around. Just be sure to check your fence walls for holes to prevent them from wandering off your backyard. They simply need provision for basic necessities as food, water and a clean chook house, thus chickens can well fend for themselves.

Now that you have read the known advantages, would these be a good propelling reason for you to get started now by building your own chicken coop using these chook house plans.